Why Limited Scope Representative Services May Be Right For You!


Why Limited Scope Representative Services May Be Right for You!


If you are not able to retain full legal services, there is a way that you can still have some amount of legal advisement.  Limited Representation is a form of representation for people to obtain lawyer’s help without paying for the cost of full representation. Limited scope representation makes hiring a lawyer more affordable for individuals. This method allows attorneys legal assistance to those who may otherwise not be to afford an attorney.  If necessary, a lawyer in Maryland can enter a limited appearance in court.

What are some of the type of work done in a limited scope representation?
• You represent yourself through the whole case. You allow the lawyer to consult with you on procedure, strategy, laws, filling out paperwork.
• You allow the attorney help You prepare the paperwork and you attend the hearing yourself,
• You prepare all your own paperwork and hire the attorney to appear in court for you, or
• You hire the attorney to appear with you at a settlement conference or mediation, but not at any court hearing.

 If you hire an attorney for a limited representation, then there should be something clear in writing that lays out the responsibility of the lawyer and your responsibilities.  The costs of this services should also be included in that writing. The agreement can be by the hour, a flat rate, or some other agreed upon arrangement.

Not all cases are appropriate for limited scope representation. In some family law matters such as divorce and or custody cases that are uncontested where there are not complex property, custody, or issues may be appropriate. Consult with an experienced family law attorney and see if that attorney even offers this type of limited representation service.